Welcome to BEKA Netherlands

BEKA Nederland B.V. in Zevenbergen is a leading company specialized in lubrication technology and lubrication systems. In 1927, a start was made with the manufacturing of oil and grease lubrication pumps for vehicles and machines. In the course of time, we have accumulated an impressive amount of knowledge and experience in the field of lubrication technology and the development and manufacturing of quality products. Today, the firm with its BEKA and BEKA-MAX products belongs to the world’s leading suppliers and has representative branches in more than 26 countries.
BEKA Nederland B.V. caters specifically for the Dutch market and provides customized company advice, professional assembly work and services. BEKA Nederland B.V. works with various system layouts that meet the most up-to-date usability requirements in lubrication equipment. Customized layouts are also available upon request. This site gives you a general overview of the various applications. If you desire detailed and more in-depth answers to your questions, do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. We would be very pleased to help you.