Move mountains with optimal lubrication under extreme loads

Earthmoving machines have to carry on working under the most extreme loads. Inactivity costs a lot of money, especially in systematic projects. That’s why the BEKA-MAX centralised lubricating system is a very sound choice. Heavily loaded pins, bearings and joints are regularly and automatically lubricated with the right amount of grease and at adjustable intervals. The lubrication is ideal for earthmoving machines, because the NLGI grade 2 grease used is the best for withstanding peak loads and vibrations.
The capacity of the BEKA-MAX system can be adjusted according to the size of the machine. The electric grease pump has been developed for very large earthmoving machines. Another distinctive feature of BEKA is that it uses numerous cost-saving solutions, such as crown gear lubrication by means of a travelling lubricating pinion, hydraulic pumps for wrecking hammers, and grabs and progressive distributors with interchangeable flow metering elements. In short, with BEKA you can move mountains without any problem.