Your processes run like clockwork

With its lubricating systems BEKA offers perfect tailor-made solutions for the fully automatic and central lubrication of industrial processes. The possibilities range from simple single-line systems to comprehensive dual or multiple-line systems and progressive distributors. The number of lubrication points served can be expanded considerably by using grease distribution boxes with built-in progressive distributors. Through the proper combination of systems and equipment BEKA can ensure that a thousand or more lubrication points are served by a single central grease pump.
But machines with only a few lubrication points can be automatically and efficiently lubricated as well. So whatever you produce, your processes will automatically run like clockwork. The systems satisfy not only the highest demands of efficiency and economy but also those of the environment and grease consumption. Not an ounce of grease is wasted, in a manner of speaking, thanks to the accurate dosage of the grease to all the individual lubrication points.