Benefit from time saved by automatic lubrication

Modern agricultural machines have an increasing number of lubrication points. Indeed, machines with 100 or more lubrication points are certainly no exception. Just try to lubricate them all manually without missing one! Not only is it a tedious job, it’s a time-consuming one as well. And time is money, especially when there’s a harvest to take care of.
The smart alternative is centralised lubrication with the BEKA-MAX system. The powerful electric grease pump, in combination with progressive distributors, provides perfectly dosed, fully automatic lubrication, if necessary with a maximum pressure of 250 bar. The use of NLGI grade 2 grease is not only very economical and effective, but also good for the environment. In addition, it extends the useful life of bearings and bushes, because the grease forms a fully protective layer against dirt and dust on the outside. All in all, the BEKA-MAX lubrication system for agricultural machines offers a host of benefits, resulting in high returns through cost and time savings.