Steer a safe course with the most reliable lubrication

Nowhere is reliable lubrication as critical as on the water. Whether you are on the high seas or a busy waterway, the failure of the screw propeller or the rudder mechanism can be disastrous. This is why the technique of centralised lubrication has been in use in the shipping sector for many years. BEKA takes a dynamic lead in the development of innovative systems. For instance, BEKA can offer practical lubrication systems for grease with a maximum pressure of 400 bar that work with a single centralised grease pump. In the case of a large number of lubrication points that have to be operated centrally, a tailor-made multi-line or progressive system can be installed. These systems work extremely accurately and make it possible to dispense the right dose of NLGI grade 2 grease.
BEKA multi-line systems are used in various types of ocean-going vessels as well as in the rotating parts of locks, dams and bridges. In addition, BEKA grease pumps with integrated control ensure reliable lubrication on many inland navigation vessels. Every BEKA lubrication system can be equipped with control and monitoring devices for optimal safety and security. With BEKA you always steer a safe course!