A “route” with fewer mobility losses and less wear and tear

Construction vehicles and heavy-duty trailers take quite a beating. As a result of the extremely heavy loads there is a considerable risk of dried up bearings and component wear and tear because of inadequate lubrication. The BEKA-MAX centralised lubrication system solves this problem by regular lubrication with small amounts of grease. The system is fully automatic, having an electrically driven plunger pump, progressive distribution blocks and electronic control devices for lubrication and intervals.
The BEKA-MAX lubrication system reduces considerably the wear and tear of essential components. This results in less loss of mobility, lower maintenance costs and a longer useful life. Furthermore, this system is also kind to the environment by using the most suitable grease (NLGI grade 2). The amount of grease used is just one fifth of the amount of NLGI grade 00 grease that is needed in non-progressive lubrication systems. And that’s a great thought to get to work on.